Mastering Skincare essential resolutions for 2024

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9th January 2024


Joanna Bojarska

I am a professional beauty therapist and non-invasive aesthetic practitioner with an advanced knowledge of the beauty industry.

“Embarking on a journey to radiant skin requires a strategic and educational approach”

Recently I’ve been inspired by the insightful article from Joanna Czech (whose work I admire for years) where she was writing about skin resolutions for 2024 and following that I have decided to create my own list.

Prioritize Professional Treatments.

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Begin by incorporating regular face treatments at the clinic, studio or beauty salon – this will become a fundamental investment in the health and radiance of your skin.
I recommend sessions every 6-8 weeks, tailoring the frequency based on your specific skin needs. I would also consider committing to a series for a more intensified and lasting impact.

Commit to Consistent Skincare.

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Firstly, we need to understand the synergy between professional treatments and daily at-home care. Your commitment to a thoughtfully curated routine is key for optimal outcomes. Your trusted beauty professional guides you through in-studio treatments, but the magic continues at home. Follow a consistent skincare routine to ensure the sustainability and magnification of the effects achieved professionally.

Sun Protection as a Non-Negotiable.

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I know I might sound like a broken record but recognizing that Sun Protection it’s year-round necessity for maintaining skin health and preventing premature aging – it’s simply a must these days. I recommend at least SPF30 for the face, but when spending time outdoors on the sun – then SPF 50 and above will be the best choice.

Strategic Simplicity in Skincare.

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Try a focused journey instead of a lot of different products at the same time. Start by Tackling one skincare concern at a time to appreciate the nuanced impact of individual ingredients and techniques. If your are not sure where to start – ask your beauty professional – she/he will guide you through the active ingredients, their potency and the right usage.

Navigate Beyond Social Media Trends.

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Navigate the vast sea of skincare advice online with discernment. Trusting only professionals and industry insiders ensures that the guidance you follow is rooted in expertise rather than fleeting trends. Before embracing a new trend, cross-reference advice from beauty professionals. For instance, a skincare expert might provide insights into the efficacy of a trending ingredient like niacinamide. It’s nice to listen to different sources to know their opinions – but make sure those sources are professionally educated in the topic.

Demystifying Social Media Imagery.

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Understand the realities behind the flawless visuals on social media platforms – very often the photos you see have been retouched and filtered. Embrace the imperfections that make us human and learn to appreciate the genuine beauty of your skin – it’s totally fine and normal to have a breakout, fine lines and visible pores.

The Science of Vitamin-Infused Skincare.

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Delve into the science of skincare actives and think about introducing powerful vitamins into your skincare;

  • Vitamin A – our beloved Retinol
  • Vitamins B – B5- pathenol,
  • B3 – Niacinamide ,
  • Vitamin C – the Queen of antioxidants
  • Vitamin E – moisture and regeneration

Holistic Approach: Diet and Lifestyle.

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Explore the symbiotic relationship between skincare and overall health. Try to educate yourself on how a balanced diet, hydration, and a healthy lifestyle contribute to skin vitality. Incorporate skin-boosting foods into your diet, such as antioxidants found in berries and the hydration benefits of cucumbers. These small dietary tweaks complement your skincare regimen. Also try to introduce some kind of activity in your day-to-day life. A simple walk or a little jog will be great to start with.

Those will be the 8 skin related resolutions I will be making myself in 2024 and beyond. Certainly, you can keep adding to this list and modify it as you please, but I hope, that at least I gave you a starting point in your journey to achieving beautiful, healthy, and radiant complexions.

Wishing you the most wonderful year ahead.

Joanna Bojarska

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