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12th May 2020


Joanna Bojarska

I am a professional beauty therapist and non-invasive aesthetic practitioner with an advanced knowledge of the beauty industry.

As we are all spending most of our time at home now and we can’t use the professional beauty services, I thought I will bring my professional beauty studio to your houses.

So I came up with two livestreams a week for my customers and beauty community.

Monday Facebook Beauty by Joanna 7pm
Tuesday Instagram @beautybyjoannabojarska 7pm

For you, who don’t have accounts on any of these social platforms, I am uploading all the livestreams on my YouTube channel as well, so you can very easily watch them there.

I have also uploaded a separate video where I show my personal Sunday Selfcare Routine, so it can serve as an example as well.

But for you, who like an old classic read, I thought I will also create a blog post on this subject


I guess most of you, including myself would probably choose spending their whole day in their pj’s, sweatpants and messy bun, no make up obviously, indulging bar of Chocolate and a pack crisps, let’s not even mention about gin & tonic.

But after a few days of staying on this side of the rainbow, we do realise that this is not doing us any favours, worse we feel awful with ourselves, dark circles are getting darker, love handles, well, ready to be loved and skin is just dull.

Then we think ok I need rectify this whole situation, but what’s the point? No one can see me, apart from my family maybe, so why would I bother?

Well, think about this in this way, when you wake up on your average day, getting ready to work or wherever you going, you wash your hair, put the make up on or wear all these nice clothes to please your colleagues at work, or ppl on the train or maybe a lady at the grocery shop? The answer is most likely no, you don’t. You do it to please yourself, to feel good with yourself, to feel motivated, more confident.

So why would you resign from it now? When now you have to be more motivated then ever?

I am not trying to say that you have to do a full glam make up or Hollywood waves every single day but by even spending these 10minutes in the bathroom and doing a simple skin and body care routine, will make you feel 100 % better and ready to do more things.

Ok but where to start?

I will now show how it works with me and maybe that can serve as an example for you

  1. Waking up at the same time every day
  2. Good breakfast full of nutrients
  3. Morning workout – I do usually workout for 30min everyday
  4. Shower & morning skincare
    • Washing face with Aveda Purifying Gel Cleanser
    • Toner – Bielenda Rose Water
    • Hydrating Serum – DermaQuest B5 Hydra Matte Serum
    • Moisturiser – Aveda Tulasara Morning Cream
    • SPF – DermaQuest Sheer Zinc SPF 30
  5. Natural make up – 5min
    EVERYDAY LIFE – working at the computer – preparing my social media content, livestreams, online consultations, answering emails, home schooling – or at least my version of it, cooking, cleaning and all this jazz.
  6. Evening Body & Skincare
    • Body dry brushing – 3 times a week
    • Bath with Aveda Soaking Salts – Stress Fix and a few drops of chosen Aveda essential oil – usually lavender
    • Body Scrub – Coffee Body scrub – once a week
    • Body lotion or body oil
    • Double Cleansing my face – same cleanser as in the morning
    • Toner – Aveda Toning Mist
    • Once a week – Face exfoliation & Mask
    • Hydrating essence or hydrolat – usually Aveda Hydrating Treatment Lotion
    • Thick layer of eye cream or mask – Aveda Tulasara Wedding Mask Eye
    • Retinol serum 3 days a week DermaQuest Retexture Serum
    • Brightening serum with facial oil & auto face massage – my favourite oil – Aveda Radiance Oleation Oil
    • Hand & Foot Cream – Aveda
    • Chakra Spray – Aveda

I understand that for some of you it might seem like a lot, so if you are just at the beginning of your skin and body care journey, lets start with this


  1. Shower/ bath
  2. Wash your face with your favourite cleanser
  3. Tone your face
  4. Moisturise
  5. Put some SPF on
    • A little 10minutes workout, even

    stretching would be great!


  1. Dry brush your whole body – at least twice a week
  2. Add a couple of drops of oil to your bath or to your usual shower gel in you prefer shower
  3. Wash your face – preferably double cleanse
  4. Tone your face
  5. Apply the serum
  6. Apply night cream
    • Once a week exfoliate your face.

It is up to you which version you will choose for yourself, I personally love to indulge myself with skin and body care, for me it’s my “ME” time and I find it very relaxing.

So you have to find your happy way, as this shouldn’t be just another annoying choir to do during the day.

I hope you will find this article helpful and useful but if you have any questions in regards to what exactly you should be doing, or which products you should be using and when, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me so we can create your personalised skin and body care which you will enjoy with amazing results.

I am looking forward to see you all very soon at my beauty studio.

Once I know the date when I will be able to reopen, I will straight away announce it on all my social media platforms plus I will be sending out text messages.

I wish you all good health.

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