How to make your own HAND SANITIZER and more beauty tips

Apr 6, 2020 | Blog



6th April 2020

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Joanna Bojarska

I am a professional beauty therapist and non-invasive aesthetic practitioner with an advanced knowledge of the beauty industry.

In this video I talk about one of the most popular product on the market these days and it is the hand sanitizer.

This little gel is very hard to get and if it is available, the price is higher then normal. At my beauty studio you are able to purchase hand sanitizer, which was manufactured in Poland.

But what if you don’t have an access to the hand sanitizing gel? Well you can very easily make one yourself, and today I will show you how.

I will also talk about how to take care of your dry skin.

So if this sounds interesting then watch the video.

Stay safe and healthy.

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