Becoming the customer & trying NEW BEAUTY TREATMENTS

Sep 30, 2020 | Blog



30th September 2020


Joanna Bojarska

I am a professional beauty therapist and non-invasive aesthetic practitioner with an advanced knowledge of the beauty industry.

This video is slightly different than the usual ones on my channel, as today I am the model and I am trying two, new to me, beauty services.

For today’s video, I have invited an amazing specialist Anna Adamczak – Anna Health & Beauty – Harlow, Church Langley – Essex. Anna will be treating me with her two best-selling beauty treatments – Lash Lifting and Kobido.
I have never tried either of these treatments so it will be my first time and we will be able to see the results and the final effects together.

I hope you will enjoy watching and please contact me or Anna (contact in the description) if you require any further information.

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